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The Innovation Centre for Applied Sustainable Technologies (iCAST) is a unique collaboration set to deliver agile innovation in green, sustainable technologies. Bringing together experts across all the innovation stages, it focusses on bringing together industry and academia to translate discoveries into commercial application.


Working together

Whether you are looking to inform your R&D strategy in the medium to long term or trying to address more immediate challenges for your company, we bring opportunities to engage with our world-class research and facilities.


Our Research

Circular Plastics

Biodegradability, chemical and mechanical recycling and non-fossil feedstocks for the production of plastics.

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Sustainable Manufacturing

Green and sustainable chemistry, digitalisation, process intensification, distributed manufacturing and biotechnology.

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Biobased Feedstocks

Renewable and biobased feedstocks for commodity and high-value chemicals.

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Sustainable Engineering Materials

Composites and the built environment.

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Tap into the expertise, facilities and networks of a partnership created to help you bring innovation in sustainable technologies to market.

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