iCAST is a unique research and development centre established to drive a step-change in the innovation strategies of companies working in green growth.

We are a team of research and innovation experts in sustainable technologies with a track record of working with industry. Our purpose is to bridge the innovation gap by enabling easy investment in R&D, delivering agile business support to bring innovation to market and offering a platform for collaboration and networking for the sector.

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Matthew Davidson is Whorrod Professor of Chemical Sustainable Technologies at the University of Bath. Besides Executive Director of iCAST, he is also Director of the Centre for Sustainable and Circular Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath and leads the Catalysis for the Circular Economy strand of the UK Catalysis Hub.

Executive Director

Charlotte Williams OBE FRS is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Associate Head of Department (Research) at the University of Oxford. Her work focusses on new sustainable technologies for polymer production and carbon dioxide usage.

Deputy Director

Francesca has worked in project management within the sustainability sector for over 15 years. As iCAST Centre Manager, Francesca manages the overall operational delivery of iCAST to ensure it delivers its strategic objectives.

Centre Manager

Zakir has over seven years of experience in multidisciplinary projects with industry, in particular conducting feasibility studies. He is firmly committed to continuing research on sustainable materials to replace current synthetic formulations in commercial products.

Industry Manager

Ben has worked as a technician at the University of Bath for over 6 years. As iCAST Specialist Technician, Ben ensures all laboratory operations are running smoothly.

Specialist Technician

Ryan is an iCAST core postdoctoral researcher based in Oxford. His expertise lies in oxygenated polymer synthesis, enantioselective catalysis and small molecule activation.

Core Researcher (Oxford)

Philip Yang is a Technology Translator working on bio-derived polymer materials. He has experience in the synthesis of various sustainable polymer systems and their applications, which include paints and coatings, adhesives and rheology modification.

Technology Translator (Bath)

Greg has experience in researching CO2 utilization in oxygenated block polymers, focusing on aspects of catalysis and functional material development. As one of iCAST’s core postdoctoral researchers based in Oxford, he will work on investigating sustainable polymer-biopolymer hybrid materials.

Core Researcher (Oxford)

Strachan has experience in the preparation and analysis of sustainable polymers, including catalyst design, mechanistic analysis of polymerisation reactions, and process optimisation. He has previously collaborated with industry (TotalEnergies Corbion PLA), developing IP in the area of industrially relevant biopolymer production processes.

Technology Translator (Bath)

Gemma has over seven years experience working towards novel sustainable oxygenated polymers in academia and industry. Her role as Polymer Materials Analytical Suite Manager brings this knowledge together to facilitate the smooth running of the laboratory and projects.

Polymer Materials Analytical Suite Manager (Oxford)

Xiang has experience in conducting polymers, electrospinning, and sustainable energy technologies. As one of iCAST’s core postdoctoral researchers, he will work on developing sustainable polymers and exploring their application using electrospinning technique.

Core Researcher (Bath)

Vlad has experience in the production and analysis of smart materials from sustainable biopolymers. As one of iCAST’s Technology Translators, he will be focused on the development of bio-derived materials in industry.

Technology Translator (Bath)

Daria has experience in supramolecular chemistry, organic synthesis, and enantioselective organocatalysis. As one of iCAST’s core postdoctoral researchers based in Oxford, she will work on investigating new catalytic systems for the efficient and sustainable synthesis of organic compounds.

Core Researcher (Oxford)

Matilde's expertise is in controlled polymerization techniques and in the synthesis of functional polymers. As an iCAST Technology Translator based in Oxford, she will work on the study of functional polyesters for the preparation of resins and vitrimers.

Technology Translator (Oxford)

Jon is an iCAST core postdoctoral researcher based in Bath. He is an experienced academic and industrial chemist with expertise in organic chemistry applied to bio-macromolecular applications including in the complex analysis and upgrading of real waste feedstocks.

Core Researcher (Bath)

Anna has experience in reversible deactivation radical polymerization techniques, conjugated polymers and polymer brushes grafted from the surface. As a Core Researcher, she will be focused on developing sustainable resins.

Core Researcher (Bath)

Chinomso has several years of experience in developing sustainable polymer products from renewable resources, including coatings, nanocellulose and composites. He has previously collaborated with Chinese Academy of Sciences in developing applications for nanocellulose. As an iCAST Technology Translator, he will be focused on developing circular plastic products for industrial use.

Technology Translator (Bath)

Carolina has over 15 years of experience of office administration internationally. As iCAST Coordinator, Carolina helps with the daily overall operational running of iCAST at both the University of Bath and the Swindon offices.

iCAST Coordinator

Aaron's expertise is in materials characterisation, with a particular focus on polymers and biological tissues such as skin or brain tissue. He has extensive experience of developing novel test apparatus and analysis methods, especially on image based metrology and the Virtual Fields Method (VFM).

Core Researcher (Oxford)

Xuejian has experience in organic chemistry, including total synthesis of natural glycoconjugates and development of novel glycosylation methodologies. He is now focusing on the post-translational modifications of protein and related glycosylation reactions.

Core Researcher (Oxford)


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