We need to move away from our reliance on fossil-based plastics and towards a circular economy. Our vision of sustainable plastics involves creating materials derived from renewable feedstocks and with multiple closed-loop life cycles such as mechanical and chemical recycling or biodegradation.

As part of this research programme, we work with the plastic industry to identify current capability gaps in the properties and environmental impacts of these materials – specifically for biobased, recyclable and degradable materials. We seek to understand how to fill these gaps by, for example, exploring and exploiting structure-property relationships and new sustainable composite materials.


Antoine’s research focusses on the discovery of novel chemical transformations and use in catalysis of renewable resources, in particular for the synthesis of sustainable polymers.

Dr Antoine Buchard

Programme Lead (Bath)

Clive’s research investigates the behaviour of materials and structures when subjected to impact loading. Most materials behave very differently when deformed at high speeds. His work aims to understand the microscopic causes of rate dependence, with a view to better design and use of materials.

Professor Clive Siviour

Programme Lead (Oxford)

Ryan is an iCAST core postdoctoral researcher based in Oxford. His expertise lies in oxygenated polymer synthesis, enantioselective catalysis and small molecule activation.

Dr Ryan Kerr

Core Researcher (Oxford)

Aaron’s expertise is in materials characterisation, with a particular focus on polymers and biological tissues such as skin or brain tissue. He has extensive experience of developing novel test apparatus and analysis methods, especially on image based metrology and the Virtual Fields Method (VFM).

Aaron Graham

Core Researcher (Oxford)



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