This programme looks at developing new technologies for cleaner, safer and more efficient chemical processes in a wide range of sectors, including energy, materials, commodities and fine chemicals. Our expertise in this area spans catalyst development, real-time analytics, process design, intensification, and digitisation for smart factories and distributed manufacturing.

We have access to a wide range of specialist facilities including Bath’s Dynamic Reaction Monitoring Facility, Oxford’s biocatalysis and (spectro)electrochemical capabilities, and the upscaling facilities of the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and the High-Value Manufacture Catapult (HVMC).


Uli works develping new catalytic methodologies for sustainable chemistry and clean energy, spanning a wide range of topics and methodologies.

University of Bath

Kylie is interested in both understanding and applying catalysis at metal sites within enzymes, particularly in small molecule activation. A central theme in her work is bridging the gaps between different techniques in bioinorganic chemistry.

University of Oxford

List of publications

  • K Robson MS 175 Papers of Chief Rabbi J H Hertz (1872-1946), 1853-1949 Archive Lists, Catalogues and Guides Series: 3 (Southampton, 1993) (ISBN 085432 498 4; ISSN 0968 782

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