Creative Hub Workshop - Chemical Recycling of Polymer Composites

We invite professionals interested in chemical recycling and composites to submit their expressions of interest to attend the first of our Creative Hub events – a workshop to explore the theme ‘Chemical Recycling of Thermoset Composites’.

  • Where: Workshed, Swindon Carriage Works (see map)
  • When: Monday 28 November 2022, 12-5PM (lunch will be provided from 12-1PM, with the workshop starting at 1PM)


End-of-life treatment of materials is increasingly important in the circular economy. Chemical recycling of polymers is a valuable strategy to yield valuable feedstocks from waste plastics. So far, the majority of work done on this area has been on single use commodity plastics (PET, PE, PP, etc), while chemical recycling of high value/high performance/engineering plastics (e.g. polyamides, PEEK, polyoxymethylene, fluorinated polymers) has had much less attention.

Industry demands viable end-of-life strategies for engineering plastics, particularly in the legacy thermosetting systems used within composites structures. Consequently, there is a growing interest in collaborative research in end-of-life areas that cover manufacturing and cured composite part waste. 

For sustainability reasons, it is now less feasible to use pyrolysis to ‘recycle’ composites at end-of-life, and industry are looking to turn to low carbon reclamation methods such as those provided by chemical or biological processes.


This event calls professionals interested in composite and plastic recycling across supply chains to come together and:

  1. Define what benefit is delivered from the current situation
  2. Develop enabling actions and a technology roadmap
  3. Co-design potential projects
To submit your expression of interest, please email indicating your name, company and position.