Festival of the Future City: How Do We Bridge the Innovation Gap?

About this event

4 Feb 2021, 10.30am-12.45pm

Watershed, Bristol

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This event will explore the ‘innovation gap’ in relation to tackling the climate emergency with a range of speakers from the public and private sector.

Local authorities have a significant role to play in leading the UK to Net Zero. Three quarters of councils have already recognised the urgency of the situation in their strategies and statements. Emerging technologies and innovation will have a central role to play in delivering on these commitments. In some cases, though, the cultural differences and disconnects between local authorities and the companies which want to supply them is generating an ‘innovation gap’, thereby preventing the effective deployment of these new solutions.

This event will look for ways to bridge the gap and accelerate the delivery of the innovative products that will contribute to meeting local and national Net Zero ambitions.

Speakers include:

  • Kevin O’Malley, Innovate UK
  • Emma Clement, Urban Foresight
  • Amrita Poptani, HomeLINK
  • Kezia Williamson, Knowledge Transfer Network
  • Adam Thorp, East of England Local Government Association
  • Matthew Davidson and Miles Davis, iCAST

A short Q&A panel session will follow the speaker presentations.