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TheSustainable Packaging’ workshop was organised by iCAST in collaboration with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and took place at Workshed, Swindon, in April 2023.

A total of 22 people from industry, academia, and the high-value manufacturing catapult (CPI and NCC), came together to attend iCAST’s second Creative Hub workshop to explore the theme of “Sustainable Packaging.”

The objective of this workshop was discussing and finding solutions to the challenges associated with current plastic packaging. The group, coming from across the supply chain, brought together their expertise to identify challenges and opportunities for innovation in this field. 

After a warm welcome and an industry perspective on the theme, the attendees were divided into small groups to develop Technology Roadmaps. They discussed various aspects, such as introducing bio-based and renewable materials in sustainable packaging solutions, identifying critical action points in the supply chain, engaging with manufacturers and customers, and exploring potential new technologies.

During the second part of the day, the participants rearranged their groups to continue discussions. This time, the focus was on bridging gaps and generating new ideas around six key topics: materials, supply chain, volume, geography, money, and resources.

Based on these fruitful conversations, self-organised groups emerged to draft five potential projects addressing the challenges and opportunities identified during the workshop and contributing to advancing sustainable packaging.

  • P Linseed: Development of veg-derived plastic (epoxy)
  • Shore to Store: Improving the shelf life of seaweed-based packaging
  • Making Change Happen
  • Sustainability of collection & recycling of clinical packaging waste
  • Pack Plan v1.0

Read a detailed summary of this Workshop. 


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