Working together

Whether you are looking to inform your R&D strategy in the medium to long term or trying to address more immediate challenges for your company, we bring opportunities to engage with our world-class research and facilities.

Core research programmes

Core research

A forward look to long-term, cross-sector problems in biobased feedstocks, sustainable engineering materials, sustainable manufacturing and circular plastics.

Joint Industry projects

Joint Industry

A way to address your immediate challenges and accelerate the development of products or processes to market.

Creative hub

Creative Hub

A chance to be part of a network with other sector companies and engage in our challenge-driven events to explore candidate technical solutions for your company or for the supply chain.


Join our team of technical and industry experts to deliver innovative solutions for companies working in green sustainable technologies.


Tap into the expertise, facilities and networks of a partnership created to help you bring innovation in sustainable technologies to market.

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